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From rural beginnings, Fogarty has evolved into one of the country’s leading bedding brands and a name synonymous with quality and value. In 1826 Timothy Anderson opened a feather processing factory based on Pen Street in Boston, Lincolnshire. The rest, as they say, is history...

A brief history of Fogarty


In 1826 Timothy Anderson opened a feather processing factory based on Pen Street in Boston, Lincolnshire. The family run business was taken over by Timothy’s wife and son under the name F.S Anderson and Co. after his death in 1848. In the early days, the factory moved to various buildings around Boston until it eventually moved to a large building on Trinity Street.


Following a fire which destroyed the building in 1876, a new factory was designed by Samuel Sherwin and a year later the famous ‘Swan factory’ was unveiled. The statuesque building still stands today and can be recognised by its ornate Italian style facade and figurehead swan.


The firm established itself under the Fogarty name in 1899 when entrepreneur Edward Fogarty, originally a minor shareholder, took full control of the factory and changed its name to E. Fogarty & Co. Ltd. From there Fogarty developed its strong reputation as a producer of quality duvets, pillows and mattresses.

After prospering for a number of years, the factory was forced to temporarily close during World War One. Edward was involved in a dramatic World War evacuation, and upon his return, the wartime closure of shipping lanes meant the factory was unable to export its biggest orders to Germany, USA and South Africa. Thankfully, the factory reopened post-war.


In 1950, revolutionary managing director Bert Fleet set the foundations for the wide success of Fogarty. Bert introduced supplying directly to the retail trade, a new ‘curling’ process which enhanced the filling power of poultry feathers, plus introduced synthetic duvet and pillow production.


In 1962, Fogarty opened its factory on Ravendale Street, where production included nylon sheets, synthetic pillows and duvets, cotton felt products, bath mats, rugs and fabric printing and dying. The company employed almost 700 people, had its own fleet of 65 delivery vehicles and was a major contributor in the filled products and household textiles industry.

Fogarty’s factory is still based in Boston and is highly regarded within the historic market town. Likewise, the brand’s heritage is embedded in its identity; the boat in the crest symbolises the Boston’s founders travelling by sea to settle in the town and the Trinity Swan represents the very first Fogarty factory. Fogarty looks forward to continuing its success and remain a brand leader in the bedding industry for years to come.

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