Fogarty Long Service Awards 2015

Today marks another milestone for some members of the Fogarty family who have been presented with Long Service Awards for their time served at the company. We would like to sincerely thank everybody on this list for their time with us, and hope to be adding many more names to this list in years to come!


Here is the list of award winners:


10 Years

Craig Manning, Tina Fisher, Jackie Robinson, Judita Vaisvilliene, Gayle Leggate, Lee Beasley, Darren King and Susannah Pearce


15 Years

Marilyn Bryant, Gary Clubley, Kirsty Armstrong, Sandra Butler, Stewart Patton, Paul Needham, Mark Revill and Andrew Davison


20 Years

Jane Andersen, Alan Heath and Marie Smith


35 Years

Sandra Lake


40 Years

Yvonne Nash and Gerrit Van Haren


45 Years

Janice Goodale and Charles Thurlby

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