Team Evolution at the Adidas Cimac Superleague

On Sunday 20th April, Team Evolution from Boston attended a series of kickboxing events called the Cimac Superleague.

Last year, Team Evolution achieved incredible success from this series of events; this year Evolution Martial Arts hopes to top that, especially after they came away from the first event of 2016 with 2x Gold, 2x Silver and 2x Bronze medals.

Nesta Baxter, 15, fought in the -17yrs Girls -56kg Point Fighting and after lots of fights, which saw some top class performances, she came away with her first gold of the day. Then in Nesta's -17yrs Girls -56kg Continuous, she claimed another gold after some good competition. Nesta then stepped up to the Ladies -60kg Continuous where she received a bronze medal after some great rounds of fighting.

Chelsea Leggatt,16, fought in the Girls +56kg Continuous category and, in the final, came up against an experienced fighter. After a great fight, Chelsea came away with a silver.

Teegan Aldis,9, fought in the Girls -31kg Continuous category and after a tough final came away with a silver medal.

Paige Stedman,10, fought in the Girls -31kg Point Fighting where she came up against some great fighters. After both Paige and Teegan missed out on a spot in the final they fought for 3rd place. Paige came away with a bronze and Teegan won 4th place.

Archie Lenton, 8, fought in the Boys -36kg Point Fighting where he came 4th. Archie fought against some much bigger opposition but he held his own.

Mackenzie Warrant, 9, had a great day of fighting and came away with two 4th places in the Boys -31kg Point Fighting and Continuous.

Also fighting on Sunday were Evolution's Leah Stedman, Ben Watson, Kev Hunter, John Chambers, Tammy Horton, John Chambers and Matt Twitchen.

Well done to all of the fighters from Team  Evolution.

All the fighters in the team hope that, throughout the year, they can progress and get some more well-earned points onto the league tables.

Pictured directly below is Nesta Baxter, 15, and the bottom image is Mackenzie Warrant, 9.

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