Your Guide to Buying the Right Duvet

If you’re looking to create your perfect sleep sanctuary, you need to give your duvet a lot of consideration. It needs to keep you at a comfortable temperature throughout the night, which plays a large part in the quality of your sleep.

When choosing your duvet. There are 3 things you should consider. It’s not the price nor the pattern on the packaging.

To choose the correct duvet for your haven, you need to consider:


1. Filling

Here at Fogarty, we have 4 different filling ranges available for you to choose from. Each of the ranges has characteristics and qualities which make them perfect for different people. Click on the duvet filling below to read more about it.






2. Tog Rating

The role of your duvet is to make sure that, throughout the night, you are able to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature. This is between 16-19oC. If you are too hot, you sweat more which will make you uncomfortable and disturb your sleep. If you are too cold, you are likely to wake in the night looking for a way to get warmer.

The Tog rating of a duvet is simply how well it keeps in warmth. As your body gives off heat, you want some to stay with you and some to dissipate out into your room. The higher the Tog, the lower the amount of heat that is allowed to escape.

One of the most influencing factors in deciding which Tog rating is best for you will be the season. In late Spring, Summer and early Autumn the weather is much warmer, even at night. Because of this, you would feel much more comfortable under a low tog duvet, either our 1, 3 or 4.5 Tog duvet.

As the weather gets cooler, you will need to be able to trap more of your body heat to stay warm. This is why we also offer higher Tog duvets as well. We have 10.5, 13.5 and even 15 Tog duvets so, no matter how cold it gets, you can stay comfortably toasty.

If you are looking for a Wool duvet, you may notice that they don’t seem to have Tog ratings. This is because Wool has thermogenic properties, which means that it is able to regulate the temperature to keep it cool when it’s warm and vice versa. This makes Wool a perfect choice for a year round duvet.


3. Size

The third, and final, consideration is also the most simple. How big do you want your duvet?

While it may seem as easy as getting the same size as your bed, we actually recommend going one size higher than your bed. This is so that you are able to get a perfect drape and ensure that your whole body is covered.

We offer sizes from single up to super kingsize.

There you have it. Your perfect night’s sleep is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with Fogarty Filled Products.

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