All About Wool Filled Bedding:

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Wool filled bedding is possibly the best natural material for duvets and pillows. Wool is unique in its ability to keep you cool when it’s hot yet warm when it’s cold. Our specially treated Fogarty Wool ensures that the days of itchy wool are a thing of the past as you get a perfect night's sleep.


What season is the Fogarty Wool duvet designed for?

That’s the great thing about Fogarty Wool duvets – they can be used all year round!

Why aren’t Fogarty Wool duvets Tog rated?

Wool is unique in that it reacts to your body’s own temperature, therefore, it just isn’t practical to put a Tog value on a Wool Duvet – we prefer to say that: “Wool keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s not!”

Why does the duvet look so flat?

Wool is such a good insulator that only a relatively small amount is necessary to keep you comfortably warm throughout the night.

Doesn’t all that stitching make it cold?

The duvets are made in two separate layers – joined around the edges of the duvet – to provide an additional air layer for warmth and to help the duvet drape around your body.

Won’t all that Wool be itchy?

You’re thinking of old-fashioned wool blankets and jumpers aren’t you?
Wool duvets are filled with super soft, fine wool which ensures that they will not make you itch.

What about hot Summer nights?

Tests undertaken by Woolmark have proven that Fogarty Wool handles moisture better than any other natural fibre, so hot, uncomfortable nights become a thing of the past. Fogarty Wool fibre is capable of handling up to 3 times its weight and mass in absorbing moisture. Feather products in comparison have not got the same capacity.

Research by Woolmark has proven that sleeping under a Wool filled duvet induces more of the deepest kind of sleep, which means that you wake feeling more refreshed and better rested.

What happens if I spill on it?

Wool filled bedding products are Woolmark approved to be machine-washable and can be tumble-dried. However due to their weight we strongly recommend that they be washed and dried only by a commercial laundry.

Moisture Management

We each lose moisture during sleep - up to one litre each night. If this moisture is not removed quickly, not only do we feel uncomfortable but also our bodies are no longer able to regulate our temperature and the discomfort increases still further, leading to disrupted sleep.   

Reduced Heart Rate

This in turn leads to a reduction in body movements so we are more comfortable sleeping under Wool. Additionally the body becomes more relaxed due to the improved temperature regulation and our metabolism slows down, resulting in improved restfulness and a reduction in heart rate.  The unique way in which Fogarty Wool is proven to keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold.

Naturally Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Dust Mite

Fogarty Wool absorbs moisture vapour into the Wool fibre structure and readily gives that moisture up to the atmosphere, so reducing the moist, damp conditions usually found in bedding fibres, which would otherwise support the propagation of bacteria and house dust mites.

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